Outwardly suave and charming, psychotherapist Adam Neave’s role as a voluntary bereavement counsellor offers him the perfect opportunity to target his female victims at their most vulnerable, safe in the knowledge that the police can pin nothing on him. But is his newest client, attractive young widow Olivia Marsden, really who and what she seems? What exactly is his troubled patient Brandon planning? And would Adam stop him – even if he could?

When, despite herself, Olivia finds herself falling under the charismatic Adam’s spell, events start to spiral dangerously out of control. Unable to accept Adam’s guilt, could Olivia be heading for... extinction?

This dark and disturbing tale of twisted passions and dangerous desires is the chilling new novel from Scotland’s queen of suspense.


Hardback published August 2011 by Creme de la Crime, an imprint of Severn House
ISBN 978-1780290133 Price £19.99

ISBN10 1780295111. ISBN13 978-1780295114. Price £11.99

Extinction Reviews

I know I cannot resist, though it will probably scare me witless, the new thriller by Carol Anne Davis Extinction, published by Crème de la Crime, an imprint usually associated with more homely, cosier types of crime fiction. Her 1997 novel Shrouded still gives me nightmares and Extinction, centred on a charismatic bereavement counsellor who is also a sexual predator, sounds as if it could do the same. Thanks for the sleepless nights, Carol, and I don’t mean that in a good way....

Mike Ripley, Shots magazine

The amorous adventures of a sociopathic Bristol psychotherapist and his shrinking list of patients.
On top of his own practice, psychologist Adam Neave volunteers at the bereavement center at Weston-super-Mare. It’s a great way to meet fragile women and talk himself into their confidence before he drugs and rapes them. Sometimes Adam can’t wait for the next eligible patient, so he goes out on the town looking for prey. Lately he’s graduated from rape to murder (his late wife Helen’s death was originally something of a one-off), sometimes accidentally doping his victims to death, sometimes adopting a more hands-on approach. Det. Supt. Bill Winston, duly suspicious, sics undercover officer Olivia Marsden on him as a new widow. His plans backfire, however, when Olivia finds herself falling for the man she’s supposed to be trapping. Things aren’t going much better for Beth, Adam’s partner at the bereavement center, whose boyfriend suddenly turns aloof and critical, or for Nicholas Neave, the brother who’s tried in vain to interest the law in Helen Neave’s death. And they’re going even worse for the innocent relatives of Brandon Petrie, 16, a cold, manipulative patient whom anyone but Adam would instantly diagnose as an apprentice sociopath. In fact, no one in the greater Bristol area seems capable of having a nice day, and it’s easy to see why not. Not even the most brilliantly repellent earlier work by Davis (Kiss It Away, 2004, etc.) quite prepares you for this seven-course banquet of violence, sex and violent sex.

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