AltaVista A quick and efficient search engine that will take your vistas to pastures new.

Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection ASACP is an organisation of adult sites dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet.

Backlash Campaign The government’s Criminal Justice Bill, published in June 2007, proposes criminalizing the possession of extreme adult pornography. Backlash - and libertarians everywhere - note that the bill doesn’t distinguish between faked and consensual images and real and non-consensual ones.

Children Are Unbeatable It's illegal for adults to strike each other yet the law allows fully grown men and women to hit little kids. This site details the current legislation and lists those of us who support an end to such unnecessary violence.

Phil Cool is the home of brilliant impressionist and comedian Phil Cool. He doesn’t just sound like the people he’s impersonating - he actually looks like them. A unique talent.

Crossword Solver Help for all things cryptic (says the woman who struggles with Quick Crosswords.)

Cyberlibrary offers links to hundreds of web sites chosen by librarians in south-west England. Be inspired then go join your local library.

The Darwin Awards A collection of urban myths and legends that make you wish you had extra eyebrows to quirk.

Death Online Gives interesting facts about bodily decomposition and disposal methods. Cremation is especially popular.

Dr Fun The first port of call for those of us who cannot afford a professional web site designer. E.g. most of the planet. Some of the illustrations are smaller than a publisher's advance but others are encouragingly good.

Greenpeace Greenpeace's site may be modest - but their commitment is impressive and their many helpful actions speak louder than words.

The Hunger Site Please go to this site and click on the Donate Food button. It costs you absolutely nothing. The sponsors will give food donations to the United Nations World Food Program and they'll distribute it to people - many of whom are children.

Men's Aid Surveys suggest that between eleven and eighteen percent of men have been hit by a female partner - yet society alternately laughs at or ignores this violence. Thankfully Men's Aid can offer advice and support.

Bruce Morton Home of Scotland's funniest comedian whom I've seen live several times.

NAPAC This is the online presence of the National Association For People Abused As Children. They have a freephone number with advisors to help callers manage their recovery.

Kev Orkian A first class comedian and accomplished pianist, hopefully coming soon to a theatre near you.

Recycling Guide How to recycle everything from clothes to furniture - send them to me!

Pipedown Hate being bombarded by piped music every time you go to a shopping centre or a café? You should do, as it depresses your immune system. Thankfully, Pipedown

Sense About Science Add this site to your favourite places and you won’t fall for the latest cure-all promoted by the quacks.

Shady Lady has lots of shadowy free gifs for horror webmasters and mistresses. Steer clear if you're arachnophobic, though, cause there's a couple of tarantulas there

Stop The Seal Hunt Highlights the appalling cruelty caused by Canada’s annual harp seal slaughter, with some of those beautiful creatures being skinned alive.

Truth About Rape A laudable campaigning group which seeks to destroy the many myths about rape.

UK-Skeptics Don’t believe everything you read about vague alternative health rituals and things that go bump in the night. Thankfully the sceptics are here to provide a reality check.

UNICEF A few British pence can buy medical supplies to save the life of a child in an impoverished country. UNICEF helps children worldwide.

Michael van Straten Lots of healthy recipes and nutritious advice from this well-respected medical writer.

Wikipedia An enormous and ever-expanding online encyclopaedia that’s constantly updated. Though sometimes criticised for having too many conventional takes on controversial subjects, Wikipedia is breathtaking in its scope.

Steve Cain Photography Wiltshire based freelance photographer specialising in Landscape and Underwater photography.

Jay Foreman Funny young singer-songwriter - check out his CD - who accompanied Dave Gorman on his 2011 British tour.