BBR This is the home of Back Brain Recluse, the award-winning speculative fiction mag. It's also the home of BBR The Catalogue, BBR The Directory and horror writer Simon Clark.

Black Gate offers a doorway into epic fantasy that's written by top name authors. The print version is cocooned within beautiful covers. You can read excerpts, admire the illustrations and subscribe online from their attractive and highly professional site.

Feo Amante's Horror Home Page Want to read reviews of the latest films? (The intelligent and incisive Pat Lecat is one of their movie reviewers.) Read some odd horror facts? Look at some dark artwork? You'll find it and more on Feo's regularly-updated site.

Horror World Looks at the history of horror literature and offers a list of the webmaster's top 100 horror books of all time. You'll also find message boards for horror scribes.

Northern Gothic Read all about Chaz Brenchley's fantasy, horror and crime books and check out his regular column for the BFS newsletter Prism. There's also.... er, Cooking With Chaz. Delia Smith is a very worried woman.

Pendragon Press Read about Pendragon's anthologies Nasty Snips, Shenanigans and Tourniquet Heart.

Twilight Tales supply readers with some of the best dark tales to come out of Chicago. They have regular author readings in the Red Lion Pub. I'm told that it's a thirsty business, but someone's got to do it. They also have themed multi author chapbooks for sale.