Douglas likes women - quiet women; the kind he deals with at the mortuary where he works.

Douglas meets Marjorie, unemployed, gaining weight and losing confidence. She talks and laughs a lot to cover up her shyness, but what Douglas really needs is a lover who'll stay still - deadly still.

Driven by lust and fear, Douglas finds a way of keeping girls silent then is forced to blank out the details of their unplanned deaths.

Perhaps he can put Marjorie into a state of limbo and use her to feed his growing sexual hunger. Douglas studies his textbooks to find a way ...


Paperback reissue published January 2007 by Snowbooks
Promotional edition published May 2006 by Snowbooks - sold out
ISBN: 1905005415    ISBN13: 978-1905005413    Priced £7.99

Shrouded Reviews:

'Necrophilia, comfort eating and tropical fish are certainly not your average ho-hum ingredients for a crime thriller. But Dundee-born writer Carol Anne Davis weaves them and much more into her novel Shrouded. To be fair, though, this is not really a crime tale but more of a fascinating character study into the lives and hopes of two tragic and lonely people - and it makes for compulsive reading. Douglas, abused as a child, works in an Edinburgh mortuary where he finds death containing all the attributes of a perfect partner. Marjorie, stifled by a domineering mother, is riddled with insecurity and dreams of romance. Both decide on keeping fish as a hobby and so their paths are destined to meet. Davis has produced a powerful and tense novel which you'll find hard to put down. Surely dramatisation will follow.'

The Fife Leader

'Originally published in Great Britain, this novel by a writer of horror and erotic fiction charts the doomed-from-the-start lives of two socially inept young people in Edinburgh: Douglas, a withdrawn undertaker abused as a child, and Marjorie, a naive, overweight asthmatic on disability. Both have controlling, small-minded mothers; both fantasize about sex; both have a problem with alcohol. Douglas slides inexorably over the edge into rape and murder, whilst Marjorie, still believing herself "courted" by Douglas, sinks further into illusion. A superior character study that is moody, hypnotic, and tinged with violence.'

Library Journal, New York

'... Davis creates a marvellously mundane context for her frightened hero's murderous fantasies. Following the progress of this necrophiliac romance is like watching the Titanic and the iceberg glide inexorably toward each other.'

Kirkus Reviews, USA

'Excellent, spooky novel about sad, inadequate Douglas, an Edinburgh mortician, who gets his kicks in a most unusual way. Not for the nervous but Davis' writing shows tremendous promise.'

Mike Ripley, Daily Telegraph

'Davis reminds me strongly of Barbara Vine, but with darker edges and more sexual tension than is found in Vine's work. Douglas in particular is a striking creation, the more so because we are with him every step of the way in his evolution from outsider to sex killer ... This novel gives voice and substance to characters too often ignored in contemporary English fiction, and at the same time builds to a nerve-jangling finale ... Crime fiction is no longer inferior to literary fiction: the best of it is literary fiction.'

Ian Rankin, Scotland on Sunday

'... you'll need to steel yourself before entering its mad, bad world.'

New Writer magazine

'An accomplished crime novel... Well written and appropriately claustrophobic.'

Time Out

'Davis writes about sex and death unflinchingly, but without lurid sensationalism; her treatment of the story's bizarre sexual aspects is similarly frank but not gratuitous... Davis constructs her characters with such skill that by the time Douglas begins his descent into the pit we're already so deep inside his strangely childlike psyche that we're forced to face up to his dark side as if it's our own... One can see how Shrouded might have been told as a murder mystery or a safely unambiguous stalk n' slasher shocker, which would have been far less challenging for reader, and writer, alike...'