New book out 2nd July 2016

Masking Evil has 37 profiles of killers, child abusers and paedophiles, all of whom were in good professions or were model pupils. The cases include preachers, police officers, an airline pilot, doctor and a headmistress.

The book contains interviews with a leading psychologist exploring borderline personality disorder, a criminology lecturer explaining the motivations of the mass murderer and a criminologist illuminating teenage crime.

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Great news for all true crime fans - Serial Killer Quarterly, the new subscription online magazine, has now been launched. As you can see, Canadian editor Lee Mellor has put together top authors and intriguing themes:

Winter 2014: 21st Century Psychos – Katherine Ramsland, Michael Newton, Lee Mellor
Spring 2014: Partners in Pain - Cathy Scott, Katherine Ramsland, Carol Anne Davis
Summer 2014: Unsolved in America – Harold Schechter, Michael Newton
Fall 2014: Cruel Britannia – Burl Barer, Carol Anne Davis, Katherine Ramsland

My work also appears in issues released in 2015 and 2016.

Masking Evil features in Crime Traveller and Laura Lewis' True Crime Blog